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Nov. 29th, 2008

I watch too many Vh1 reality shows

Last night I dreamed I was on one.

It was like Real Chance at love except there were 3 or 5 guys instead of 2.  And no one was really crazy (except my ex suite mate.  How did the non-cute man hater make it on the show????)  One  of the guys (not the one I was trying to get with) had a friend who kept trying to interview me for a job at his tech/research company.

Last night C called and curiosity got the better of me.  Foolish mistake.  In the unlikely event she calls again, hopefully I won't make that mistake.

I got almost all my Christmas shopping done!  Yay!  I got my entire immediate family.  Normally it takes me forever to find things I think they might like, but this year, I think I got them all covered pretty well.  Now all that's left is the grandparents and I think I might get something for my little cousin.   I like her because she is so sweet and wholesome.  She likes Dora the Explorer and Hannah Montana.

As with most breaks from school, so far I've been completely unproductive.  The closest i've come to doing work is printing out homework.  Thank goodness it's due on Friday and not Mon or Tues like it usually is.  My room is totally in a shambles.  Even worse than before.  On Thanksgiving I couldn't find my button down shirts and I tore my room apart looking for them.  I also really need to do laundry but I've lost my quarters.  Plus I don't want to do it until I've cleaned a bit more and I know I won't find an entire pile of clothes that should have gone in the wash.  

My roommate's boyfriend is here.  I'm so jealous.  I want my boyfriend here to eat breakfast with me and cuddle me at night.  I need to get my frozen turkey burgers out to defrost.  I put them in the fridge last night but I have a feeling they are still frozen.  Until I eat them I'm only having cottage cheese and maybe some leftover mashed potatoes.  My bf made them for the special Thanksgiving we had on Monday since we couldn't celebrate the actual day together.  They are actually somewhat healthy since we didn't have any butter to season it.

I totally have to get caught up on Desperate Housewives.  Hopefully I won't wind up sitting at the computer watching it so I can have a chance of cleaning while it's on.  but it's so good it usually captures my entire attention!

I think I really want a Juicy Couture track suit for Christmas.  Lately I've seen them on sale online in so many places that maybe my mom will buy me one.  Old Navy is making similar ones now but their hoodie looks really weird.  i was want a pair of Ugg Cardys.  I keep checking around for them (since i was just going to buy them myself) and I realized only one store in my mall has Uggs.  I wish I lived  in one of those cities that had Uggs at their T J Maxx, Ross and Marshall's stores.  i might go check a bigger one here if i get over my fear of the cold since it involves a fair bit of walking.  I also need to buy more "nice" clothes.  Especially tops.  And I need a pair of black shoes.

Did anyone go out Black Friday?  I can't believe people at Wal-Mart killed a man over electronics.  I mean the sales weren't that great and with the recession, shouldn't everyone be saving their money?  But even if that weren't the case it really worries me how greedy people have become and so focused on mindlessly buying shit that they break down the door to a store and trample a man.  They also injured a woman who was 8 MONTHS PREGNANT.  The news report I watched said she went to the hospital and doctors thought she and her baby were fine.  they just wanted her to stay under observation.  God, I'm glad I didn't go out until 3 when the crowds died down a lot.

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